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General Inquiries

Shelley Balik, Regional Director

Your single point of contact for sales and marketing support, product training, and case design.

sbalik@firstprotective.com  Office: (205) 268-2593  Toll Free: (800) 876-3950


Term Insurance & Second to Die Insurance

For Quotes: Call Janet Warren, ACS Marketing Assistant (205) 268-3713  Email: jwarren@firstprotective.com

Case Management Support: Call Toni Curtis, Case Manager Supervisor (205) 268-5580  Email: tcurtis@firstprotective.com

Terri Waremburg, Case Manager (205) 268-5639  Email: twaremburg@firstprotective.com

Molly Thomas, Case Manager (205) 268-4492  Email: mthomas@firstprotective.com

Kim Caldwell,  Case Manager (205) 268-4532  Email: kcaldwell@firstprotective.com


Disability Insurance

Derek Zabel, Disability Consultant (952) 641-5216  Email: derek@securaconsultants.com


Impaired Risk

Robin Vigliotte, Underwriter (205) 268-8164  Email: rvigliotte@firstprotective.com

Beth Schillaci, Case Manager (205) 268-7511  Email: eschillaci@firstprotective.com